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is an Activity Programme Service
for people who have
physical and/or learning disabilities

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Activity Sessions

M.A.P.S. is a service for people with learning disabilities, providing activities and opportunities
This project was started in 2006, and will soon be entering it's 5th year. I saw that the needs of people with learning disabilities were not being met by the local authority, and decided to do something about this.
Since then, over 800 people have used the services that I provide, meaning that M.A.P.S. is developing into a very important community project.
We are able to give people a positive outlook on life, as we are helping them gain new experiences, make new friends, and come to a place where they are valued.
The clients are developing their personal, social, and negotiating skills through various activities.
Two examples of this are: The Wii computer means that individuals have to develop “turn-taking” and “negotiating skills”, as well as social and physical skills in order to play, and the Bingo activity promotes “speaking out” and “assertiveness”.

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